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Fluid Power

The White House is Turning to Infrastructure

2017-06-05 19:31:36

President Trump has set himself a busy schedule of watchin’ Fox and Friends, getting his facts from an unfolding terror attack from Twitter, and using a tragedy on the streets of London to reheat some old beef with that city’s mayor. I mean there’s only so much time in the day! But clear some space: The White House has announced


Quiet and efficient gear pumps offer a competitive edge

2017-06-01 15:06:36

Gear pumps are widely used in applications ranging from injection-molding machines to wind-turbine power plants. The new QXEH Series internal-gear drive units from Bucher Hydraulics are said to offer a performance advantage over other gear pumps, thanks to several engineering features. These include: Bucher Hydraulics QXEH internal gear pumps


Do engineers deserve the blame for big mistakes in big projects?

2017-05-31 17:00:06

Leland Teschler, Executive Editor On Twitter @ DW—LeeTeschler Governments today struggle with budgetary overruns and deficits, and the resultant wrangling has put what might be called megaprojects in the spotlight: Big bridges, high-speed rail lines, and new fighter jets that are all large-scale, complicated


CEJN encourages compressed air safety for National Safety Month

2017-05-31 16:36:12

National Safety Month creates the perfect opportunity to evaluate safety and performance in the workplace, especially if when using compressed air. While it may seem like everything is humming along fine, employee safety must be a priority. As a result, CEJN is committed to improving workplace safety for its customers with its safety-focused


Parker’s Intellinder absolute position sensor suitable for industrial, mobile applications

2017-05-31 16:36:12

Parker Hannifin has introduced a new integrated absolute position sensor that can provide improved application productivity while offering low installation and maintenance costs. Intellinder equipped cylinders provide a rugged, damage resistant solution for use in OEM equipment that requires precise linear feedback of the cylinder position.


Do we need to shift the engineering brand?

2017-05-30 15:06:12

I had the chance to chat with Dr. John Walz, the new president of the Milwaukee School of Engineering—and then hear him speak—at last month’s Fluid Power Technical Conference, held on MSOE’s downtown campus. Walz, who has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering, has a lot to say about STEM education and the challenges being faced by


A cause for optimism in fluid power?

2017-05-12 21:06:10

It’s been the heart of trade show season the last few months, with the triennial IFPE and the annual Hannover Messe and Offshore Technology Conference keeping the fluid power manufacturing community—not to mention us in the media—quite busy. It is always great to get out and see the new technology firsthand, to put your hands on


Hydraulic test benches used in production, research

2017-05-11 21:31:11

The hydraulic test benches are a mark of distinction in the Parmafluid production line—the highest levels of technology at the service of the best known component manufacturers of the sector. We can test pumps, valves, distributors, cylinders, hoses for use in production or research. We propose innovative solutions for ever greater


What shortens the lifespan of hydraulic hoses?

2017-05-11 18:31:08

Not following proper procedures in putting together a hose assembly will definitely shorten that hose’s lifespan. Not properly routing or securing a hose will also result in reduced life. Making the correct selection that is compatible to your fluid, to your ambient conditions is another critical area. If you need a hose that is


Vane pump features low speed capability

2017-05-11 15:31:13

Eaton has launched its new VSQ (Vane-Speed-Quiet) pump series designed to provide operators with a minimum speed range of 0-50 rpm to decrease energy usage and improve efficiency in dynamic industrial applications like injection moulding or metal forming. The new VSQ vane pumps combines the features of vane pumps with 0 rpm low speed


Tie rod cylinders feature linear cushioning

2017-05-09 21:31:12

ZHZ Series of tie-rod cylinders have maximum operating pressure of 160 bar, piston diameters from 25 mm to 200 mm. The DIN/ISO 6020/2 compatible cylinders feature multiple mounting options, are equipped with linear cushioning. Ground, hardened and hard chrome-plated piston rods are standard, and are equipped with Viton seal as a


Product Spotlight: The Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR) from Smart Reservoir

2017-04-25 13:12:32

Hydraulic systems very often rely on reservoirs that are too large and too heavy. The VVR addresses these issues by offering a light, efficient and eco-friendly technology. Inspired by the bootstrap oil reservoir used in aerospace. The VVR was created to replace conventional atmospheric reservoirs in numerous applications. Acknowledging the


Komatsu acquires Joy Global to expand mining business

2017-04-17 22:35:49

Komatsu America Corp., a subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd., has completed its acquisition of Joy Global Inc., a worldwide leader in high-productivity mining solutions. Retaining its headquarters in Milwaukee, Joy Global Inc. will be renamed Komatsu Mining Corp. and operate as a subsidiary of Komatsu. The company will continue to promote and invest in


Demolition Cutter Takes on Steel

2017-04-19 16:35:31

Whoever says hydraulics is a mature industry probably is not aware of the many innovative machines  that were introduced last month at ConExpo and last year at Bauma. The incredible capability of these machines relies heavily on cutting-edge hydraulics technology. Case in point is the MC200 Multi Cutter from Brokk AB. Brokk is well-known for


Hydraulics Helps Clear the Air

2017-04-19 15:05:33

Street sweepers have been a familiar sight on city streets for generations. However, most sweepers still use old-fashioned technology to remove dirt from our roadways. They spray water to prevent kicking up excessive dust, and they use rotating brushes to loosen dirt and debris and sweep it into a hopper for subsequent emptying. The sweepers we


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