January 25, 2020



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Sun Hydraulics Releases XMD – A Compact, Bluetooth Configurable Electro-Hydraulic Driver

2017-10-30 15:22:37

Built to stand up to extreme environmental conditions in mobile and industrial applications, Sun's XMD is a high-powered, electronic control device for electrically operated hydraulic actuators. Sun’s new XMD Bluetooth-configurable, electro-hydraulic driver is both CE and E-Mark rated, meeting the needs of international mobile and  industrial


[Video] Bosch Rexroth Celebrates 50 years in the U.S.

2017-10-30 15:32:29

2017 marks Bosch Rexroth’s 50th year of continuous operation in the United States. Starting with a small office in Easton, Pennsylvania in 1967 and a handful of associates, Rexroth grew quickly enough to expand into a newly built hydraulics manufacturing facility 7 years later, the cornerstone of the company’s current manufacturing campus in


Compact | Connected | Complete...The CytroPac from Bosch Rexroth

2017-07-11 12:25:05

With its groundbreaking and elegant design, CytroPac from Rexroth offers an entirely new approach. CytroPac is the first compact hydraulic power unit to provide optimized hydraulic performance within such a compact, drop-in ready design. It is ready to be networked with multi-Ethernet and Industry 4.0 connectivity, and is as much as...


Case Study: Putting Sun Hydraulics at the heart of hydraulic regenerative braking systems

2017-07-11 12:31:20

Their patented system works on the same basic principle as other parallel hybrid vehicle systems - capturing kinetic energy from braking, storing it and releasing it for acceleration during takeoff.  But Lightning Systems does it with hydraulics, which is far better suited to...


Bosch Rexroth Launches New Pump for Closed-Circuit Application

2017-06-07 20:15:33

Bosch Rexroth recently has launched the A21 VG 35/45, a compact double pump for closed-circuit applications featuring an efficient back-to-back design that allows for installation in applications with very limited mounting space.



An Inside Look at WITTENSTEIN Enhanced Worm Gearboxes

2017-09-25 18:45:09

WITTENSTEIN's V-Drive Basic, V-Drive Value & V-Drive Advanced deliver best-in-class precision tailored up to 2 arcminutes. Ideal contact conditions and high quality lubricants guarantee more than 95% efficiency throughout a lifespan of more than..


Watch: Bosch Rexroth IoT Gateway - Benefits of Industry 4.0

2017-09-19 18:22:48

In Case You Missed It, Modern Machine Shop's IoT Gateway Webinar Presented By Rexroth Experts is Still Available for Viewing. Is it possible to gain the benefits of Industry 4.0 or the IoT with existing machines and equipment? The answer is yes! In conjunction with Modern Machine Shop, one of Rexroth's Industry 4.0 experts, Allen Tubbs, explains


Smart Pneumatics from AVENTICS - Opportunities for industry through intelligent components

2017-09-19 18:42:43

AVENTICS offers direct added value for your IoT concept, with smart components that integrate seamlessly into a digital environment thanks to on-board intelligence and compliance with all


New Product: LEANTECHNIK launches their linear gear rack lift drives in North America

2017-07-11 12:36:07

It has been touted as one of the more innovative products in recent times, and the possibilities of its application are truly endless. Linear gear rack drives from LEANTECHNIK convert rotation into linear motion and their modular design allows multiple options. The quadrilateral rack with roller bearing drives have a high exact positioning for


Intelligent Pneumatic Valves from AVENTICS

2017-06-07 19:58:20

The Advanced Valve family from AVENTICS continues to evolve by finding modern answers for current industrial automation requirements. The Advanced Electronic System (AES) interface from AVENTICS provides effortless communication between AV valves and controls systems via standard fieldbus protocols.


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