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Why should you consider operating temperature when selecting hydraulic fluid?

2017-02-27 18:06:21

Hydraulic fluid selection criteria include the expected range of operating temperatures, available means of temperature control and fluid physical properties at expected temperature levels. Where ambient and structural temperatures are above hydraulic fluid flash and/or fire points in a compartment, the potential fire hazard must be considered.


Bosch Rexroth fights back against unplanned machine downtime

2017-02-27 18:06:17

It’s a well-worn Hollywood plot: artificial intelligence makes machines more and more independent until the day comes when they begin to attack their creators. There is a war and the survival of humanity is at stake. A study recently published by Stanford University is reassuring. According to the experts, artificial intelligence is not a


IoT-supported electrohydraulic products mean new opportunities for manufacturers

2017-02-27 16:36:27

The rising demand for energy-efficient, easily operable, and smart sensor-embedded hydraulic systems that are industrial Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled is driving hydraulic manufacturing companies to expand their presence across the globe. The hitherto sluggish market will recover within five years as consumers across user verticals such as


The business end of hydraulics: the cylinder

2017-02-24 20:31:03

Contributed by David  Marlowe, Owner/CEO, DMAR Technical Training and DMAR Business Centers USA This article will talk about the business end of the hydraulic system: The force produced by the cylinder. When using a standard double-acting cylinder, there are three internal areas of concern: Piston area = transfer fluid pressure to


Bosch Rexroth to tout machine learning examples at Hannover Messe 2017

2017-02-23 23:02:40

I had a nice talk with Dirk Metzler of Bosch Rexroth at the Hannover Messe press preview this month, and we discussed the company’s exhibition plans for the upcoming international trade fair. Metzler said the company was touting its work with a customer, Kraiburg, in the rubber industry. Bosch Rexroth does predictive maintenance for



Low-cost Tin-Can Stepper Motors from Nippon Pulse feature high torque and compact size

2017-02-28 00:01:23

Because of its high torque output and low profile construction, applications for tin-can stepper motors include, but are not limited to, printing, packaging, and medical devices. The PF/PFC series tin-can stepping motors are conventional magnet-driven rotary stepper motors with a permanent magnet in their rotor core. Rotating in proportion to the


How drones are helping design the solar power plants of the future

2017-02-27 15:01:10

Katie Fehrenbacher for The Guardian:  At the edge of a plot of muddy farmland, a few miles down the road from the University of California at Davis, an engineer takes a few quick steps across crop rows and lets go of a three-foot drone. Within seconds, the device – which weighs less than 2lbs and carries a powerful camera –


My air tool doesn’t perform well, what’s wrong?

2017-02-24 22:01:29

It would be nice if duct tape fixed leaks. Complaints about poorly performing compressed air tools are quite common at industrial sites. The tools may lack torque, and even stall if any significant load is placed on them. This lack of output could be reducing your production output—and therefore be costing you money. Many times, the


Airborne Response Unmanned Aircraft Systems Make History at Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and US Army Joint Maritime Exercise with Drones and SmartBalloon Aerostats at Seaport

2017-02-24 14:30:06

Multiple UAS provide live high-definition video feeds to incident commanders to provide increased situational awareness and command and control capabilities. History was made at the Port of Miami this past Saturday, February 18 as a fleet of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) consisting of aerial drones and miniature aerostats were used to provide


ST Robotics Offers New Super-Fast Robot Arm

2017-02-23 17:30:07

ST Robotics announced today the addition of the new ST R17HS – a high speed version of their five-axis vertically articulated R17 robot arm. PRINCETON, N.J., Feb. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- ST Robotics announced today the addition of the new ST R17HS - a high speed version of their five-axis vertically articulated R17 robot arm. The ST R17HS


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