• OSHA Increasing Fines Up to 80% In 2016

    2016-08-23 12:29:56

    In 1990 OSHA set the maximum civil penalties for violation of its workplace safety guidelines. Since then they have not been updated or adjusted, but not for very long. OSHA is going to be updating these fines to equal current inflation levels; the result could be an increase of these fines up to 80%.

  • The Digital Logic Valve

    2016-08-22 16:57:12

    Sun Hydraulics Corporation has launched the new solenoid-operated Digital Logic Valve. The DLV paves the way for smaller, highly reliable solutions in demanding mobile applications where size, weight, speed, and power matter and in industrial applications where an incredibly fast valve can help reduce machine cycle times.The first product

  • How Does Water Glycol Fluid Affect Hydraulic Seals?

    2016-08-18 15:27:52

    By: James Simpson and Eric Bucci – Trelleborg Sealing Solutions  The polyglycol is a water-soluble polymer thickener that can be formulated to cover a wide range of viscosities. The resulting viscosity-temperature properties give water glycols good low-temperature cold-start pump wear protection and minimized cavitation. The additive

  • Right-Sized Cylinders and Efficiently Ensured Performance

    2016-08-18 15:27:55

    By: Nathan Irvine – AVENTICS Corp Rightfully, pneumatics is considered extremely simple, flexible and economical. Add to that, air-powered systems are quite durable—they routinely run for years trouble-free with little maintenance. That’s why they’re used in countless applications ranging from food, beverage and


Fluid Power

Distributor Software Streamlines Fluid-Power Supply Chain

2016-08-22 21:27:05

Tribute Inc., a provider of business-management software for industrial distribution marketplaces, releases its newest structure query language (SQL)-based software, TrulinX version 15.3, partnering with several major manufacturers to streamline the supply chain for fluid-power, motion-control, and automation distributors. The software caters to


Eiffel Tower Gets Lift from Hydraulics

2016-08-06 00:27:34

Whether you view the Eiffel Tower up close or from afar, it may be the most impressive man-made structure in the world. Most of its nearly 20,000 visitors per day view the Tower from the outside, but those exploring the inner structure witness a different experience. The view inside is further enhanced by elevators that whisk visitors to different


Improving The Reliability of Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensors

2016-07-25 22:57:39

Today's highly demanding industrial applications for linear position sensors in hydraulic cylinders sometimes exceed the limits of survivability for standard product designs. Heat, extreme cold, physical impact, shock, vibration, liquid ingress, corrosion, and other challenges can lead to premature sensor failure and unsatisfactory service life.


How To Make Sense Of Case Drain Flow From A Hydrostatic Transmission

2016-06-28 06:26:56

One of our readers recently wrote me regarding the following problem:"I tried one afternoon and evening to determine what was wrong with a hydrostatic transmission by monitoring case drain flow and was confused by the readings I was seeing. There was a flow meter in the transmission pump outlet and another in its case drain that always showed


CONEXPO and IFPE to get bigger?

2016-05-23 20:12:42

Posted by Paul Heney on Monday, May 23, 2016 · Leave a Comment   If you’ve never attended the CONEXPO/IFPE shows, let me tell you something—they’re enormous. How big are they? Well, they spread across pretty much the entire Las Vegas Convention Center (which is pretty gargantuan to begin with) and then they spill



Yaskawa Motoman Receives Reaccreditation Status from IACET

2016-08-15 15:22:55

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) has awarded reaccreditation status to the Motoman Robotics Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. Yaskawa Academy (formerly known as Motoman Technical Education Center - MTEC) has been an Accredited Provider since 1993. Dayton, OH (August 2016) — The International


ABB Introduces the IRB 1660ID, Its Latest Compact Robot for Arc Welding and Machine Tending Applications

2016-08-01 22:52:46

The most versatile robot in the mid-size class will allow end-users to increase productivity and quality, with reduced cycle times AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (August 1, 2016) - ABB Robotics has introduced the IRB 1660ID, its latest compact robot for arc welding and machine tending applications. The most versatile robot in the mid-size class, the IRB


Why Is My Compressor Room So Hot?

2016-07-25 16:57:41

Posted by Paul Heney on Monday, July 25, 2016 · Leave a Comment   Good ventilation is essential to reliable compressor operation. The physics of compressed air dictates that heat must be generated if air is compressed. The amount of heat depends on the size of the compressor. For example, a fully loaded 25 hp compressor will produce


What's More Efficient? Reciprocating Compressor or Screw Air Compressors?

2016-06-27 19:57:30

Often, when it comes to choosing an air compressor for a service shop, there is a choice between types and sizes of compressors. Do you choose a standard reciprocating compressor or do you go with a more modern lubricated screw? But depending on the way you use your compressed air, and how the compressor is installed, the operating costs may be


Industrial Internet of Things Focal Point for Global Automation & Manufacturing Summit at 2016’s Industrial Automation North America

2016-05-20 00:23:44

Senior level discussions about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will be the focal point for the Global Automation & Manufacturing Summit held during Industrial Automation North America 2016, which is co-located at IMTS from September 12-17, 2016, at McCormick Place in Chicago. Themes for the one-day conference on Wednesday, September 14


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