October 17, 2017




Fluid Power

Bosch Rexroth celebrates 50 years in U.S.

2017-10-16 16:35:42

2017 marks Bosch Rexroth’s 50th year of continuous operation in the United States. Starting with a small office in Easton, Pa. in 1967 and a handful of associates, Rexroth grew quickly enough to expand into a newly built hydraulics manufacturing facility 7 years later, the cornerstone of the company’s current manufacturing campus in


Can you pneumatically, linearly control a hydraulic valve?

2017-10-16 16:35:42

As far as positioning of the valve, hydraulic valves already exist in various ways of actuation. For example, you take a big DO8 valve which is a very large spool it’s an industrial valve. You would not make a DO8 with a lever because of what’s called flow forces. The pressure that is acting on the spool itself is enough that it would


Hydraulic cylinders crush bridges

2017-10-10 19:36:50

Researchers at the Technical University (TU) of Munich have developed a new test stand for examining the behavior of concrete bridge beams. To better calculate the load-carrying capacity of these beams in future constructions, six hydraulic cylinders from Liebherr Components, Nussbaumen, Switzerland, are used to press down with full force until


Linear position sensor adapts to existing hydraulic cylinder designs

2017-10-06 18:06:39

Alliance Sensors Group has expanded its in-cylinder position sensor product line to include the MHP-7 series linear inductive sensors. These compact inductive linear sensors were designed to be installed into the rear endcap of hydraulic cylinders for operation at pressures up to 5,000 psig. Their 1-in. hex aluminum or stainless steel housing are


How is sealing used in fluid power systems?

2017-10-05 19:37:31

By Josh Cosford Seals are like car tires. They’re both absolutely essential to the operation of their respective accompaniment, yet are unappreciated by most, unless you’re a race car driver or fluid power engineer. And just like tires, seals used in fluid power have changed only by quantum leaps (the real use of the expression, which



Moxa Releases IIoT Gateway Starter Kit With Amazon Web Services (AWS) Support Built In

2017-10-16 14:30:04

To serve the needs of system integrators and engineers developing applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Moxa has launched the IIoT Gateway Starter Kit, which includes built-in support for Amazon Web Services (AWS). This data-acquisition-ready kit provides a reliable ready-to-use platform that simplifies development of IIoT


Universal Robots expands unique online Academy, offering free interactive modules in robotics programming

2017-10-13 17:30:09

More than 14,000 users from 132 countries have joined the Universal Robots Academy to become robot programmers. Adding to its basic training, the Academy is now launching three new modules that focus on mastering more advanced features of collaborative robots. Odense, Denmark, October 13, 2017: Universal Robots, the pioneer and market leader of


New 6-Axis Precision Motion Controller for High Resolution Linear and Rotary Stages and Custom Multi-Axis Motion Systems

2017-10-13 12:30:07

PI’s servo motor controller is compact, cost efficient and also available in a 4 axes version Precision positioning systems industry leader PI (Physik Instrumente) has released a new 6-axis servo motor controller - the C-884.6DC. Most modern precision motion systems are driven by servo motors, because they provide high torque, fast


New Compact Inductive Linear Position Sensor from Balluff

2017-10-11 14:30:08

Continuous Feedback for Grippers & Clamps Balluff announces the release of the new BIP04 Compact Inductive Linear Position Sensor. The BIP04 provides accurate, continuous linear position feedback over a 17 mm range, in an extremely compact form factor. The BIP04 is ideal for position feedback on machine tool clamping spindles, pneumatic


NVIDIA Announces World's First AI Computer to Make Robotaxis a Reality

2017-10-11 14:30:08

The new system, codenamed Pegasus, extends the NVIDIA® DRIVE™ PX AI computing platform to handle Level 5 driverless vehicles. NVIDIA DRIVE PX Pegasus delivers over 320 trillion operations per second -- more than 10x the performance of its predecessor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2. MUNICH, GERMANY -- (Marketwired) -- Oct 10, 2017 -- GTC Europe --


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